The Thalassa

Stormforce 8 Expedition RiB

The obvious feature is that the Expedition RIB, is fitted with wrap around toughened glass screen for maximum visibility and safety. The cabin has resulted in low noise levels, leaving a very pleasant ambiance for offshore cruising. The most striking feature about the interior is just how airy it is, which helps to ensure maximum comfort for all on-board when at sea. The high back air sprung seats add a higher level of comfort and security than traditional RIB seating arrangements.

Holds 10 Passengers & 2 Crew

315hp Internal Engine

8.6 Meters length.

MCA Coded

Comfort Air Sprung Seats

Can Operate Up To 20 miles Offshore

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Comfort, Safety & Experience

The stern/engine bay arrangement was also developed from design details of the larger Stormforce RIBs. This is highly advanced in reducing and eliminating spray and sea water. It also provides a large seating/sun lounging area for passenger to enjoy.

The vessel is licensed for 10 passengers and 2 crew, carries all the required lifesaving equipment and are fully MCA coded to operate up to 20 miles offshore.